KKK Pinoy Food

Philippines is well-known for its food and hospitality, this country has a different ambiance compare to other countries.

KKK Pinoy Food is really a great and very feels like “home” restaurant for every Filipino and for those who wanted to feel the ambiance here in the Philippines. The design of the place is so unique, the ceiling, tables, chairs, set-ups, everything has a touch of Philippine Culture. As well as with their menu and their names πŸ™‚


The restaurant’s music is also has Philippine touch it is OPM music which the melody and the voice of the singers are relaxing like the APO Hiking Society, VST& Co. and many more, it is very cool!

IMG_20150526_133452 IMG_20150526_133453 IMG_20150526_133518 IMG_20150526_133638 IMG_20150526_133728

The dining area is very peaceful and its ambiance is very relaxing, just by looking in every corner of the place you’ll be reminded of every trademark the Philippines has. In the ceiling there is Captain Barbel which is the Superman of the Philippines and also Darna which is the Wonderwoman. The tables and chairs are made for this restaurant, perfectly fit the place and its theme. The employees/staffs are wearing bandana with the mark of KKK just like in the times of Emilio Aguinaldo in the history of the Philippines. There is also a woman wearing a Filipiniana dress and the man is wearing a barong which is the National Costume of the Philippines.


The food is very delicious all the signature dishes here in the Philippines they have from the appetizer up to the dessert. (I don’t have a picture but it is really great!) In their menu there is really a food revolution because of the number of dishes they have!

They are located at SM City North Edsa πŸ™‚ Hope you can visit and dine there! πŸ™‚ Hope to hear also your feedback about my blog! πŸ™‚


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