8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel

Bulacan is a very beautiful and rich with amazing resorts, one of them is 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel located at San Rafael, Bulacan.

For today’s adventure, me and my family went to 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel. It is the first resort that offers wave pool here in Bulacan. They offer day and night swimming, have different kinds of cottages, 5 swimming pools including the wave pool, they also have function halls for different occasion, and of course a hotel.

What’s in the 8 Waves Waterpark?

The Carpark

– There is a big space for your cars so you don’t have to worry where you’ll park you car if you visit this resort.

IMG_20150529_093152 IMG_20150529_093157 IMG_20150529_093202

The Ticket booth and Entrance gate.


The fee for the Day Swimming (Mondays-Sundays)

Adult                                    Php. 250.00

Child (4ft. & below)              Php. 200.00

Senior (with ID)                    Php. 200.00

The fee for Night Swimming

Mon-Thurs                       Fri-Sun

Adult                                    Php. 150.00                  Php. 250.00

Child (4ft. & below)              Php. 100.00                  Php. 200.00

Senior (with ID)                    Php. 100.00                  Php. 200.00


(to measure your kids if they are 4 ft. & below)

Swimming Pool

-They have different kinds of pool that each person will come to this place will surely love and enjoy.

1. Wave Pool

– It has 8 kinds of waves and based on my experience it happens every 45 mins and lasts for 5-10 mins so everyone can enjoy it.


2. Safari Pool

-This pool has two slides, its theme is based on a jungle and also it has a beautiful fountain located at the side with animal statues.

IMG_20150529_095643 IMG_20150529_095656 IMG_20150529_095700 IMG_20150529_095853 IMG_20150529_095918 IMG_20150529_095939 IMG_20150529_095948 IMG_20150529_095550

3. Lapping Pool

-This pool is covered and very cold. This pool is perfect for those guests who wants to race with their families or friends.

IMG_20150529_100451 IMG_20150529_100507 IMG_20150529_100509

4. Bubble Pool

-Connected to the Lapping Pool, it has 2 round pools with fountain at the end of a rectangular pool. This is semi-covered pool.

IMG_20150529_100558 IMG_20150529_100550 IMG_20150529_100705 IMG_20150529_100707 IMG_20150529_100715 IMG_20150529_100832 IMG_20150529_100855

5. Noah’s Ark Pool

-Pool for babies, with mini-Noah’s Ark pool with slides and fountains that kids will surely love.

IMG_20150529_101831 IMG_20150529_101826 IMG_20150529_101910 IMG_20150529_101838



-The price range from Php. 300.00- Php. 3,500.00

IMG_20150529_101027 IMG_20150529_101039 IMG_20150529_095558 IMG_20150529_095424 IMG_20150529_095458 IMG_20150529_101925

Souvenir Shop:

-You can buy different stuff here.

IMG_20150529_101508 IMG_20150529_101501

DJ Room:

-This room is besides the wave pool, they have big speakers so almost the whole resort can hear the music. They play different kinds of music, you vcan also make a request to the DJ or can greet your friends just tell the DJ.


Billiard/Basketball/Volleyball area

-For sporty guests.

IMG_20150529_101401 IMG_20150529_101348

The Hotel

IMG_20150529_122153 IMG_20150529_122143


-Every resort must secure the safety of all the guests, that’s why this resort has many lifeguards and they are well-trained, also they passed different exams.

IMG_20150529_174336 IMG_20150529_100318

8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel is a great place, peaceful and relaxing. The place is clean and the water of the pool.

Other pictures: (Panorama shots)

PANO_20150529_102025710 PANO_20150529_101743004 PANO_20150529_100723413 PANO_20150529_100634608 PANO_20150529_095512866 PANO_20150529_095754023 PANO_20150529_095824355 PANO_20150529_100150539


9:00 am-6:00 pm ( Day Swimming)

6:00pm-11:00 pm(Night Swimming)

*Open during Holidays.

Swimming Attire:

Female: Bathing Suit, Cycling shorts or Garterized shorts ( above the knee level) Sleeveless or Sando shirt.

Male: Trunks, Cycling shorts or Garterized shorts ( above the knee level)

NOT ALLOWED: Shirts, Denim shorts, Basketball shorts, Jogging pants,                                            shorts with zipper and buttons.


1. Alcoholic Beverages

2. Deadly weapon/ Sharp objects

3. Pets

4. Breakable items which may cause injury

5. Cooking

6. Grilling ( area available in the parking lot only)


Image (4)

Hope you can visit this place 🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂 God bless!


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