My wish…

How I wish love is just a easy thing. No conflicts, pain, fights, just pure happiness and fun. But they said that all things that are easily get are not worth it. You’ll never know its real worth when you just get it in a single snap.

So in love there are hardships, trials, and problems to show the “realness” and seriousness of one-lover. To see if you really match and if his/her love is greater than those difficulties. Love is not so simple yet it is the best feeling ever! In love there is joy even though there is sadness, excitement even though there is disappointment, and love even though there is pain. But in the end you’ll say to your partner in front of the altar that he/she is worth it of every difficulty and trials.

That’s the real love, it doesn’t give up. ‘Cause love is greater than all feeling in this world! 


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