What pain that is worth it?

Is there really a negative feeling that can be positive? How ironic! But, yes there is the pain from the one you love.

Every relationship there are storms passing by like misunderstanding, few misinterpretation. There is no such a thing as “perfect-relationship” so don’t expect of no small fights or misunderstanding.

But the pain form the misunderstanding is worth it, why?

1. From there you can learn from him/her. Like one of the most famous lines we know “Experience is the best teacher.” Well it is true so you can never repeat what causes the misunderstanding.

2. You can know each other well. People change, from time to time, it is inevitable. You can discover the different sides of your partner which is needed if you want your relationship to last forever.

3. From what you’ve learned and discovered now, both of you can grow and be matured. One of the goals of every partners living in this world. It is so nice to grow with what you’ve experienced in the past whether it is bad or happy experience. Like change, growing is inevitable, physically, mentally and most of all emotionally. And if you’re matured already you can control your feelings, filter it so only the good ones will be felt. You can avoid small fights and arguments.

REMEMBER: There is no such thing as a perfect nor a person in this world, that’s why we need someone to fill all those empty spaces and blanks in our life to make us feel perfect and complete. Love is greater than all those pain and hardships. Let love flow and may your relationship grow. ❤ Keep loving and don’t you ever give up on each other and that’s LOVE.


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