If You’re Afraid Of Love Because You’re Afraid Of Loss: This Is For You

“We’re afraid of losing before we’ve even lost anything at all. So afraid that we hold ourselves back from having it in the first place.” BOOM!

Thought Catalog

twenty20_ig-407509608305047161_14251324 (1) via Summer

A few years ago, I realized I needed to lose some weight. As soon as I was conscious of it, I was also suddenly hyper-aware of my overeating. I chalked it up to finally taking note of my daily habits, but then something strange emerged.

I would try to write: I intend to lose weight, and yet, I knew that wasn’t true. I would eat more. I would order fries and sit eating them not so much feeling bad that I was having them but that I had this lapse in awareness, one in which I acted conversely to what I believed I wanted, without even realizing I was acting at all.

I intend to lose weight, is what I would try to say. But it wasn’t the truth, and I didn’t understand how or why or for what reason it wouldn’t be.

I did not intend…

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