Long Distance Relationship

The term “LDR or Long Distance Relationship” is kinda scary kasi yang ang pino-front ng maraming tao. They will say na “mahirap yan be”,”nako hirap mag-adjust” they may be true pero ang LDR ay hindi lang puro negative kahit na bago lang ako sa LDR marami na kong narealize at mas marami akong naappreciate kaysa dati.

Oo mahirap na makita na umaalis ang taong mahal mo na hindi ka kasama, seeing him na naglalakad palayo sa’yo, hindi na sya lumilingo sa’yo, those moment I wanted to enter sa part ng airport nun and hug him ng mahigpit pero syempre hindi ko keri ang ganon baka hindi ko na sya mapakawalan pa. haha. ‘Yong mga taong nagsabi sakin na mahirap daw at kung anu-ano, their words ay pauli-ulit sa utak ko PERO hindi ko hinayaang malunod ako sa mga sinabi nila dahil alam kong iba ang meron kami. 🙂

Anu-ano nga ba ang mga nare-realize ko simula nung nagLDR kami:

  1. I miss him so much, as in sooooo much. Given na to dahil halos weekly nagkikita kami and then after nyang umalis hindi na yun mangyayari after 2 years na ulit, malaki ang changes, totoo din naman sila na may adjustment na mangyayare pero hindi ko sya tinake as negative 🙂 Every single day namimiss ko sya ng bongga, yung the way nyang hawakan ang mga kamay ko, titigan ang mga mata ko, at yung pagiging gentleman nya sakin.
  2. Communication is really important. Kung dati nandito sya Pilipinas, communication is really easy parang routine na lang ang dating pero nung nasa ibang bansa na sya I treasure those text so much, as in. Mas naexcite ako tunog pa lang ng messenger at makita na nagmessage sya sobra na yung tuwa ko at kilig ko (literal). Both of us we’re always looking forward to talk and chat with each other. 🙂
  3. Less tampuhan. Syempre he didn’t go to other country para magrelax, nandun sya para magwork for his family and for our future (I think,naks! hahaha). For our limited time to talk because of the time difference syempre mas iiwasan na magkaroon ng misunderstanding para not to waste our time. 🙂
  4. I really appreciarte more of our time and our talk. And because we have time difference, we just have limited time to talk. Nung naging LDR kami I’m really looking forward to talk to him and see his face in the video call. O ver yung happiness sa puso ko kapag nag-uusap kami parang our relationship became simple but full of love and excitement.


I think I will learn a lot of things pa about myself, him and in our relationship. Being in a LDR Realtionship it is not complicated, just remove your fear and let love rule an


My wish…

How I wish love is just a easy thing. No conflicts, pain, fights, just pure happiness and fun. But they said that all things that are easily get are not worth it. You’ll never know its real worth when you just get it in a single snap.

So in love there are hardships, trials, and problems to show the “realness” and seriousness of one-lover. To see if you really match and if his/her love is greater than those difficulties. Love is not so simple yet it is the best feeling ever! In love there is joy even though there is sadness, excitement even though there is disappointment, and love even though there is pain. But in the end you’ll say to your partner in front of the altar that he/she is worth it of every difficulty and trials.

That’s the real love, it doesn’t give up. ‘Cause love is greater than all feeling in this world! 

What pain that is worth it?

Is there really a negative feeling that can be positive? How ironic! But, yes there is the pain from the one you love.

Every relationship there are storms passing by like misunderstanding, few misinterpretation. There is no such a thing as “perfect-relationship” so don’t expect of no small fights or misunderstanding.

But the pain form the misunderstanding is worth it, why?

1. From there you can learn from him/her. Like one of the most famous lines we know “Experience is the best teacher.” Well it is true so you can never repeat what causes the misunderstanding.

2. You can know each other well. People change, from time to time, it is inevitable. You can discover the different sides of your partner which is needed if you want your relationship to last forever.

3. From what you’ve learned and discovered now, both of you can grow and be matured. One of the goals of every partners living in this world. It is so nice to grow with what you’ve experienced in the past whether it is bad or happy experience. Like change, growing is inevitable, physically, mentally and most of all emotionally. And if you’re matured already you can control your feelings, filter it so only the good ones will be felt. You can avoid small fights and arguments.

REMEMBER: There is no such thing as a perfect nor a person in this world, that’s why we need someone to fill all those empty spaces and blanks in our life to make us feel perfect and complete. Love is greater than all those pain and hardships. Let love flow and may your relationship grow. ❤ Keep loving and don’t you ever give up on each other and that’s LOVE.

Love thought.

Being in love is such a wonderful feeling, most of us want to be in love and to be loved. Who doesn’t want to? We all want to be appreciated and to be with someone we love.

Love is a special element that all of us has. We just have different ways to show that “special element” sometimes it’s very difficult to categorized what is it and most of us has the hard time to express it to others.

What makes us afraid? Rejection. Who wants to be rejected? That’s the most painful feeling of all, “I’ll just choose to punch on the face than to be rejected” most of the people will say.

But I know and I believe that love is the most powerful element of all, it can overcome any negative feelings and any storms of life, love is the key to the doors of peace, joy and unity. So, don’t just hide that love, it can make a difference if you let it go. 🙂 ❤