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May mga bagay na hindi kayang ipaliwanag ng salita katulad ng nararamdaman ng isang tao. Hindi mo mailagay at magamit ang salita upang maintindihan ng iba ang gusto mong sabihin at kung ano ang tunay mong nararamdaman. At dahil sa hindi mo maihayag ang mga ito nawawala ka na sa sarili mo at mas palaging iniisip ang iisipin at sasabihin ng iba patungkol sa’yo.

Hindi man tunay na maintindihan ng iba ang nararamdaman mo basta alam mo sa sarili mo kung okay ka ba o hindi, mahirap kapag hindi naiintindihan ang sariling nararamdaman. Wag palaging isipin ang laman ng isip ng tao patungkol sa’yo, hayaan mo silang mag-isip ng kung anu-ano dahil hindi mo naman mako-kontrol ang iba. Ang kaya mo lang manipulahin ay ang sarili mo, IKAW! Kung ano ang ipapahintulot mo sa isip mo na isipin nya at kung ano ang dapat mong maramdaman. Sabi nga nila “Life is full of choices” kaya you have to choose ku ng ano ang mas makakabuti sa’yo, para sa sarili mo.

Oo nakakaapekto ang iba, pero hindi naman siguro selfish na minsan ay isipin mo ang sarili mo at ang nararamdaman mo. Mas madalas concern tayo sa “Iba” na napag-iiwanan na ang “Ikaw”. Kaya huwag hayaang mawala at lamunin ng “iba” ang “ikaw”, mas masarap na  buhay ka sa mundong ito na alam mo kung sino ka at ano ang tunay mong nararamdaman, you caannot please everybody as well.


Just live your life.


8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel

Bulacan is a very beautiful and rich with amazing resorts, one of them is 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel located at San Rafael, Bulacan.

For today’s adventure, me and my family went to 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel. It is the first resort that offers wave pool here in Bulacan. They offer day and night swimming, have different kinds of cottages, 5 swimming pools including the wave pool, they also have function halls for different occasion, and of course a hotel.

What’s in the 8 Waves Waterpark?

The Carpark

– There is a big space for your cars so you don’t have to worry where you’ll park you car if you visit this resort.

IMG_20150529_093152 IMG_20150529_093157 IMG_20150529_093202

The Ticket booth and Entrance gate.


The fee for the Day Swimming (Mondays-Sundays)

Adult                                    Php. 250.00

Child (4ft. & below)              Php. 200.00

Senior (with ID)                    Php. 200.00

The fee for Night Swimming

Mon-Thurs                       Fri-Sun

Adult                                    Php. 150.00                  Php. 250.00

Child (4ft. & below)              Php. 100.00                  Php. 200.00

Senior (with ID)                    Php. 100.00                  Php. 200.00


(to measure your kids if they are 4 ft. & below)

Swimming Pool

-They have different kinds of pool that each person will come to this place will surely love and enjoy.

1. Wave Pool

– It has 8 kinds of waves and based on my experience it happens every 45 mins and lasts for 5-10 mins so everyone can enjoy it.


2. Safari Pool

-This pool has two slides, its theme is based on a jungle and also it has a beautiful fountain located at the side with animal statues.

IMG_20150529_095643 IMG_20150529_095656 IMG_20150529_095700 IMG_20150529_095853 IMG_20150529_095918 IMG_20150529_095939 IMG_20150529_095948 IMG_20150529_095550

3. Lapping Pool

-This pool is covered and very cold. This pool is perfect for those guests who wants to race with their families or friends.

IMG_20150529_100451 IMG_20150529_100507 IMG_20150529_100509

4. Bubble Pool

-Connected to the Lapping Pool, it has 2 round pools with fountain at the end of a rectangular pool. This is semi-covered pool.

IMG_20150529_100558 IMG_20150529_100550 IMG_20150529_100705 IMG_20150529_100707 IMG_20150529_100715 IMG_20150529_100832 IMG_20150529_100855

5. Noah’s Ark Pool

-Pool for babies, with mini-Noah’s Ark pool with slides and fountains that kids will surely love.

IMG_20150529_101831 IMG_20150529_101826 IMG_20150529_101910 IMG_20150529_101838



-The price range from Php. 300.00- Php. 3,500.00

IMG_20150529_101027 IMG_20150529_101039 IMG_20150529_095558 IMG_20150529_095424 IMG_20150529_095458 IMG_20150529_101925

Souvenir Shop:

-You can buy different stuff here.

IMG_20150529_101508 IMG_20150529_101501

DJ Room:

-This room is besides the wave pool, they have big speakers so almost the whole resort can hear the music. They play different kinds of music, you vcan also make a request to the DJ or can greet your friends just tell the DJ.


Billiard/Basketball/Volleyball area

-For sporty guests.

IMG_20150529_101401 IMG_20150529_101348

The Hotel

IMG_20150529_122153 IMG_20150529_122143


-Every resort must secure the safety of all the guests, that’s why this resort has many lifeguards and they are well-trained, also they passed different exams.

IMG_20150529_174336 IMG_20150529_100318

8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel is a great place, peaceful and relaxing. The place is clean and the water of the pool.

Other pictures: (Panorama shots)

PANO_20150529_102025710 PANO_20150529_101743004 PANO_20150529_100723413 PANO_20150529_100634608 PANO_20150529_095512866 PANO_20150529_095754023 PANO_20150529_095824355 PANO_20150529_100150539


9:00 am-6:00 pm ( Day Swimming)

6:00pm-11:00 pm(Night Swimming)

*Open during Holidays.

Swimming Attire:

Female: Bathing Suit, Cycling shorts or Garterized shorts ( above the knee level) Sleeveless or Sando shirt.

Male: Trunks, Cycling shorts or Garterized shorts ( above the knee level)

NOT ALLOWED: Shirts, Denim shorts, Basketball shorts, Jogging pants,                                            shorts with zipper and buttons.


1. Alcoholic Beverages

2. Deadly weapon/ Sharp objects

3. Pets

4. Breakable items which may cause injury

5. Cooking

6. Grilling ( area available in the parking lot only)


Image (4)

Hope you can visit this place 🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂 God bless!

KKK Pinoy Food

Philippines is well-known for its food and hospitality, this country has a different ambiance compare to other countries.

KKK Pinoy Food is really a great and very feels like “home” restaurant for every Filipino and for those who wanted to feel the ambiance here in the Philippines. The design of the place is so unique, the ceiling, tables, chairs, set-ups, everything has a touch of Philippine Culture. As well as with their menu and their names 🙂


The restaurant’s music is also has Philippine touch it is OPM music which the melody and the voice of the singers are relaxing like the APO Hiking Society, VST& Co. and many more, it is very cool!

IMG_20150526_133452 IMG_20150526_133453 IMG_20150526_133518 IMG_20150526_133638 IMG_20150526_133728

The dining area is very peaceful and its ambiance is very relaxing, just by looking in every corner of the place you’ll be reminded of every trademark the Philippines has. In the ceiling there is Captain Barbel which is the Superman of the Philippines and also Darna which is the Wonderwoman. The tables and chairs are made for this restaurant, perfectly fit the place and its theme. The employees/staffs are wearing bandana with the mark of KKK just like in the times of Emilio Aguinaldo in the history of the Philippines. There is also a woman wearing a Filipiniana dress and the man is wearing a barong which is the National Costume of the Philippines.


The food is very delicious all the signature dishes here in the Philippines they have from the appetizer up to the dessert. (I don’t have a picture but it is really great!) In their menu there is really a food revolution because of the number of dishes they have!

They are located at SM City North Edsa 🙂 Hope you can visit and dine there! 🙂 Hope to hear also your feedback about my blog! 🙂